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Bååth, R. (2010). ChildFreq: An Online Tool to Explore Word Frequencies in Child Language. LUCS Minor, 16. pdf Try ChildFreq online here.

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Presentations and Posters

Bååth, R. (2022) Rhythm discrimination in cats: A case study. Nature Beats workshop, 2022, Furuvik, Sweden. presentation

Bååth, R. (2016) bayesboot: An R package for easy Bayesian bootstrapping. UseR! 2016, Stanford, USA. abstract video

Bååth, R. (2016) An introduction to Bayesian statistic. Invited talk at the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services (SBU)

Bååth, R. (2015) Tiny Data, Approximate Bayesian Computation and the Socks of Karl Broman. UseR! 2015, Aalborg, Denmark. presentation video

Bååth, R. (2014) Bayesian statistic, What? Why? How? Invited talk at the research service of the Swedish parliament (Riksdagens utredningstjänst)

Bååth, R. (2014) Bayesian First Aid: A Package that Implements Bayesian Alternatives to the Classical *.test Functions in R. UseR! 2014, Los Angeles, USA. presentation abstract
This is only one of the many places that I have presented Bayesian First Aid, the tour includes: Copenhagen R useR group (April, 2014), Bayes@Lund conference (April, 2014), UseR! conference (July, 2014), NY Data Wizards (September, 2014) and Stockholm R useR group (October, 2014).

Bååth, R., & Patching, G. R. (2013) Separating Predictive Responses from Reactive Responses in Isochronous Finger Tapping. Proceedings of Fechner Day 2013. abstract

Bååth, R., Jönsson, M. (2013) The State of Naming Conventions in R. UseR! 2013, Albacete, Spain. presentation abstract

Bååth, R. (2012) A New Look at Subjective Rhythmization. Perspectives of Rhythm and Timing Workshop. University of Glasgow, Scotland. abstract, poster