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IBA cocktails in csv and json format: But why?!!


Yesterday I put up a post where I described how I scraped The International Bartenders Association (IBA) cocktails into csv and json format. Timothy Wolodzko had a reasonable question regarding this on Mastodon:

Two reasons:

  1. Data that’s not sitting in a CSV file make me a bit nervous.
  2. With data snugly in a CSV file, there are so many things you can do with it! 😁

For example one can put together an animated GIF with all the IBA cocktails:

Or one can put together a really fast animated GIF and make it pause when you click/touch it. Et voilà, cocktail roulette:

Or one can take all of these cocktail descriptions and cram them into a four-page PDF:

Print this out and you’ll never be at loss for a good drink recipe! Prefer something more digital? Why not put all the IBA cocktails into a searchable table:

I assume there are many more things one could do with the IBA cocktails dataset, maybe even some data analysis, but this is what I could clobber together in an afternoon! Code for all of the above can be found here.

Posted by Rasmus Bååth | 2023-03-13 | Tags: R