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Video Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis, Part 2: Why use Bayes?


This is video two of a three part introduction to Bayesian data analysis aimed at you who isn’t necessarily that well-versed in probability theory but that do know a little bit of programming. If you haven’t watched part one yet, I really recommend you do that first, here it is. This second video covers the why? of Bayesian data analysis: Why (and when) use it instead of some other method of analyzing data?

Be warned that this video barely scratches the surface of what Bayesian data analysis can be used for. The aim of the video is definitely not to be exhaustive but just to give you some intuition by showing you examples of why it’s useful. Finally, as the tutorial mentions a multitude of reasons for why Bayesian data analysis is useful, here is a multitude of fish by the master Hokusai.

Posted by Rasmus Bååth | 2017-02-27 | Tags: R, Statistics, Bayesian