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Video Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis, Part 1: What is Bayes?


This is video one of a three part introduction to Bayesian data analysis aimed at you who isn’t necessarily that well-versed in probability theory but that do know a little bit of programming. I gave a version of this tutorial at the UseR 2015 conference, but I didn’t get around doing a screencast of it. Until now, that is! I should warn you that this tutorial is quite handwavey (but it’s also pretty short), and if you want a more rigorous video tutorial I can really recommend Richard McElreath’s YouTube lectures.

This first video covers the what? of Bayesian data analysis with part two and three covering the why? and the how?. I expect to be able to record part two and three over the next couple of weeks but, for now, here is part one:

The tutorial mentions an exercise which can be found here for R and here for python. Finally, as the tutorial is fish themed, here are some Bayescurious fish by the master Hokusai.

Posted by Rasmus Bååth | 2017-02-13 | Tags: R, Statistics, Bayesian