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Bayesian Mugs Galore!


Having no personal mug at the department I recently created a Bayesian themed one with the message “Make the Puppies Happy. Do Bayesian Data Analysis.” This is of course a homage to the cover of Johns K. Kruschke’s extraordinary book Doing Bayesian Data Analysis. I also ordered some extra copies of the mug and posted to some Bayesian “heroes” of mine and yesterday I got a mug back from Christian Robert (!) and an awesome one too! Here they are together with a not so interested cat (no treats in the mugs…)

Stina the Cat with some Bayesian Cups

Maybe you are longing for a Bayesian mug yourself? I ordered my custom design from, having not investigated that many other options I found their mugs both affordable and of good quality. If you want some more design inspiration here’s another custom Bayesian cup. There are also some ready made designs available for purchase for example here or here from the guy that created the Laplaces Demon R package.

Posted by Rasmus Bååth | 2014-02-07 | Tags: Bayesian, Statistics