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RPPW 2013 was Groovy!


Just came home from the 14th Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop, this time taking place at the University of Birmingham, UK. Like the last time in Leipzig there were lots of great talks and much food for thought. Some highlights, from my personal perspective:

See the RPPW 14 program for the talk abstracts.

I also got great feedback on my presentation Hierarchical Bayesian Models for Analysis of Isochronous Sensorimotor Synchronization Data:

Here is the abstract and the presentation slides if anyone would be interested.

The RPPW 14 Skittles Tournament!

Turns out skittles is not only a kind of candy but also a bowling type game. Roughly half of the conference participated in a skittles tournament arranged by Alan Wing which was great fun! I took the liberty of delving deeper into the score data. The main results was perhaps the negative correlation between how well the teams scored and time (read beers):

Skittles scores vs time

Here are the full results and the data set.

At last, a seemingly grooving dog:

Posted by Rasmus Bååth | 2013-09-15 | Tags: Rhythm Perception