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ChildFreq: a Tool to Explore Word Frequencies in Child Language.


Have you ever wondered if children prefer bananas over candy or when their fascination for dinosaurs kick in? These are the kinds of questions you can get answered on my new webpage ChildFreq. Using a huge child language database ChildFreq shows you what words children use at what age. Let’s look at some querries and let’s start with banana vs. candy.

Frequencies of candy and banana.

Seems like Banana start out as the leader but then Candy gains speed, passes Banana at around 30 months and finishes as the winner with a good marginal, go Candy! So how about dinosaurs? Let’s look at dino* vs. cat (the star works as a wildcard).

Frequencies of Dino* vs. Cat

Here Dino starts out basically on the bottom, but works itself steadily upwards and manages to pass Cat with a slim marginal just before 60 months!

Jokes aside, ChildFreq is a great (and fun) tool if you are interested in child language. You can watch the development of any words, construct advanced queries with wild cards and aggregations, you can split queries by gender and more. Check it out on !

Posted by Rasmus Bååth | 2013-06-20 | Tags: Statistics