This is an experiment assessing your ability to remember. words will be presented, one by one, and you should try to remember as many of these as possible. You should also try to remember if the first letter was capitalized or not.

After this you should try to recall as many words as possible by typing them into the box below. The words should be separated by pressing the spacebar. You have 60 seconds to complete the recall. You may recall the words in any order you prefer just try to recall as many words as possible. What is important is that that you try to enter the words using the same case as they were presented in, that is, if you were presented with "Bar" you should entered it as an upper case "B" but if you were presented with "bar" you should use an lower case "b".

Please do not cheat, we are interested in your ability to remember, not to cheat. Give your best!

Make sure that you have read the instructions!

Questions about you:

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What is your income?

What is your marital status?

Now get ready for the final memory test. You have 90 seconds to enter as many words as possible from all of the four earlier test. Don't submit before the 90 seconds has passed!

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