This is a submission to the 2020 RStudio Table Contest in the Tutorials for interactive-HTML tables category.

Some tables are beautiful. And yes, I’m talking about the stats-and-numbers kind of tables and not the ones you get at IKEA. Some tables show carefully selected statistics, with headers in bold and spacious yet austere design; the numbers rounded to just the right number of decimal places.

But here we’re not going to make a beautiful table, instead we’re making a useful table. In this tutorial, I’m going show you how to take all the documentation, for all the functions in the tidyverse core packages, and condense it into one single table. Why is this useful? As we’re going to use the excellent DT package the result is going to be an interactive table that makes it easy to search, sort, and explore the functions of the tidyverse.

Actually, let’s start with the finished table, and then I’ll show you how it’s made. Try it out below, for example, find all functions that take a pattern argument or find all ggplot2 functions with line in the name!